Life Coaching That Works

Support and expertise in helping you identify and achieve your goals. Siobhan uses CogHyp to help you realise your potential and remove any personal limitations along the way. 

Who needs that?

  • Anyone who can’t seem to achieve their goal – no matter how hard they try
  • Anyone wanting to realize their strengths and how best to use them to create flow in their life
  • Anyone who needs a clearer picture of the life direction that suits them best
  • Anyone who knows more or less what they want but doesn’t know how to get it
  • Anyone who needs help in putting the action and processes in place to make things happen in their life
  • Anyone stuck and not seeming to be able to go forward – Most of us really

Life CoachingNot only does it use the tried and tested methods adopted by the most successful life coaches out there, but it has the full back up of Cognitive Hypnotherapy behind it to help you through tricky patches and limitations you may have that stop you from reaching where you want to be.

Project You Coaching is a model that has no limits on the techniques it can employ to help you get what you came for. It can be used to help you achieve a goal you have in mind, but it’s intended to do a lot more; it’s intended to give you the means of taking control of the way you live your life. This doesn’t involve anything weird, it’s based on solid research that shows how people can improve their sense of contentment and happiness, and maximise the things they have going for them in the most productive way.